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  • Clean Skin

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Clean Skin





Your daily, facial cleansing device that is tough on dirt and gentle on all skin types. 

Clean Skin fits in your hand and cleans your skin in a way that regular washing cannot do. It removes leftover makeup, dead skin and other impurities that your makeup remover might have missed. 



A rechargable, facial cleansing device with adjustable vibration speeds and a non-abrasive silicone brush on its surface that removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells and any leftover makeup residue that your makeup remover might have missed. It is suitable for all skin types. Clean Skin also comes with a USB cable that is compatible with major countries’ input voltage, easy to bring with you on your travels!



The Clean Skin is made to fit in your hand and do all the work that regular washing cannot do, without the extra work. The adjustable vibration and special surface gets into your pores and cleans out dirt, excess oil and leftover makeup that makeup wipes and regular washing your face may have missed. The Touch-points are ultra-flexible to glide across the skin without over-stretching it. With its intensity settings +/- , it’s easy to create a completely customised cleansing routine.
Clean Skin is suitable for all skin types, cleansing brush that suits normal, combination, sensitive or oily skin types with thinner to thicker touch -points to gently cleanse the skin depending on its needs. To maximise skincare benefits, use Clean Skin to massage your face for 1-2 minutes each morning and evening.



For detailed “‘How to use “‘instructions refer to CLEAN SKIN user manual. The Clean Skin device is rechargeable. A 2-hour charge gives you a full battery that can be used around 100 times.
CE, ROHS and FDA Certified

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