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Join the Blushboss Affiliate Program

What is the Blushboss Affiliate Program?
The Blushboss Affiliate Program allows you to get paid every time someone places an order on Blushboss through your link. As a Blushboss Affiliate, you will be given a referral link that tracks visitors that visit our site through your link. Every time a sale is made from your link, you get paid a 5% commission from that sale.


Who should join to become a Blushboss Affiliate?
Anyone! As a Blushboss Affiliate, all you have to do is share your link with anyone--your friends, family, social media--and we'll do the rest. If you have a blog, you can paste our banners on your site! Each time a user clicks on your banner or link and makes a purchase, you'll receive an email notification. Then, payment will be sent to your PayPal or bank account within 5 working days.


How does it work?
If you have a blog, you may paste our banners in your blog. You can find the banners in your account. All you have to do is copy and paste a short code on your blog or website, no coding skills required. If you don't have a blog or website, you'll get a referral link which you may paste on your social media channels and share with friends and family!
What are the benefits of joining the Blushboss Affiliate Program?
  • There is no joining fee, it is completely free
  • Apart from signing up, you don't have to do anything--we do all the work Your customers have direct access to all our products and when an order is placed, everything is shipped from our warehouse 
  • You earn commission from every single customer that makes a purchase with us through your link
  • We pay our affiliates within 5 working days of each conversion
How do I get started?
Sign up here!

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