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RCMA No Color Powder - The Best Setting Powder?

Posted on 04 October 2018

RCMA No Color Powder 


  1. About the No Color Powder
  2. RCMA No Color Powder hype
  3. RCMA packaging
  4. Baking
  5. Components of a good setting powder

Before we delve into this magical powder, let’s talk about how and why this brand blew up in the beauty world.


1. About the No Color Powder

No Color Powder quickly gained the attention of regular consumers, too, not just professional makeup artists, for the reason that it is so good at what it does. This regular-looking powder is a simple product with a clear purpose, and that is to “bake” your base, lock it and ensure minimal shine even after hours without any touch-up. Being widely used in the film industry, it has to look just as flawless on camera as it looks in real life. The formula settles beautifully on your skin, blurs any fine lines, pores and blemishes. The white powder, which may seem intimidating, isn’t really at all—the powder magically disappears onto your skin and leaves no white cast. It is essentially a transparent powder, great for any skin tone.

2. RCMA No Color Powder hype

RCMA No Color Powder soon became more and more talked about amongst YouTube beauty vloggers, with many comparing it to the also highly-hyped and coveted Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, which is meant to be an excellent setting powder, too. Except one thing—it is quite costly for $70 SGD a pop. Many have called the RCMA No Color Powder a dupe for the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

If you, like me, like keeping up with the latest beauty trends, you’d have heard of the RCMA No Color Powder and the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder on beauty YouTubers’ lips more times than most other brands of setting powders. These two setting powders have the go-to and holy-grail for a lot of beauty lovers, like how Make Up Forever and Smashbox are the go-to’s for a good primer. (P.S. I’ve used both the Make Up Forever Mattifying Primer and the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and I’ve re-purchased both so many times now. I still can’t pick a favourite!) (Both are really good for Singapore’s hot and humid climate.)

Beauty trends in the internet beauty industry are fun, if not useful, to follow. From the silicone blender (instead of a regular sponge blender for a change) trend to concealing your dark eye circles with red lipstick to the latest unicorn craze in makeup, more and more beauty brands/products seem to appear out of nowhere and take the internet over by storm, thanks to word-of-mouth and the internet (case study: Glossier). One thing I’ve learned is that these beauty trends rarely disappoint. Once a new beauty trend or product is discovered, there are usually plenty of honest “first-impression” reviews on YouTube, like how Jeffree Star tried the SILISPONGE Silicone Sponge and how Nikkie Tutorials used a “boobieblender” to blend her makeup.

I don’t know much about how setting powders are manufactured, but it must be difficult, expensive, or both, to create one that does what a setting powder is actually supposed to do (set your makeup and make it last longer—but also does not cake like most powders tend to do with foundation) because not a lot of setting powders do all of that.

One of the worst powdering mistakes is the flashbacks caused in photos. This can be caused by not blending the powder enough when you brush off the excess during “baking”, using a setting powder that causes flashbacks or leaves a white cast, or sometimes, concealer formulas can be tricky—not all concealers, foundations and powders work well together. Concealers, foundations and powders all have different textures and consistencies, so it is no wonder that layering these different products on your face can sometimes result to an unflattering finish that seems impossible to blend properly. Flashback can be unflattering when it looks like you’ve just dunked parts of your face in flour. Thankfully, you’ll be happy to note that the RCMA powder does not cause flashbacks, so you can keep posing for the camera in peace!

3. RCMA packaging

RCMA No Color Powder is packaged in a very simple and straightforward bottle, as with all their other products. No fancy packaging or loud colours—just the magic powder in a bottle and a simple sticker with necessary details—here you go. Like the packaging or not, with the price and the amount of product you’re actually getting in that bottle, you can’t really complain. I personally really like the packaging—not that I place that much importance on packaging when it comes to makeup, but it is refreshing to see such minimalistic packaging that lets the product take all if not most of the attention, rather than the other way round. It also helps that you’re getting a lot of product in one convenient bottle, and for its price point, you know that you’re certainly getting a bang for your buck when you get the RCMA No Color Powder.

4. Baking

“Baking” is a term widely-used in the beauty community. When we say “baking”, we literally mean bake your makeup. It is a beauty secret (not so secret now) used by drag queens to ensure maximum longevity of your makeup. After foundation and concealer, use a damp beauty blender or a brush to pick up the No Color Powder—don’t be stingy with this, because baking requires you to put an excessive amount of powder so you can brush the excess off once you’re done “baking”. Apply the powder on your under eyes, T-zone, chin and directly under your cheek contour. Then, go about with the rest of your makeup while waiting for your makeup to “bake”. Your body temperature is used as the heat source, and your makeup is literally baking. Not only does it set and lock your makeup, the highlight points of your face are also accentuated.

Once you’re done with the rest of your face, you can now brush off the excess powder away by using a large powder brush. A damp beauty blender also works—simply press the damp beauty blender repeatedly on your skin. The damp sponge will pick up the excess product and the continual pressing motion will press the powder onto your skin, baking and setting it perfectly.

“Baking” is the reason and secret to why my makeup still looks good after 8 hours. It is why my foundation concealer don’t move and melt in Singapore’s heat. If you’re looking to achieve long-lasting makeup and have your makeup defy the heat and humidity of summer, or if you have oily skin and find it hard to keep your makeup in place, “baking” your makeup will solve a lot of your problems.

5. Components of a good setting powder

With all the benefits that come with “baking” your face, it is no wonder why this makeup trend is so loved by the beauty community. A good primer and “baking” your concealer and foundation are key to long-lasting makeup. Of course, white casts are tricky, because sometimes your makeup looks perfectly blended in person, but photographs can show otherwise. That’s why it is important to pick setting powders that have got no filler or pigments, like the No Color Powder, so the colour of your foundation and concealer will not be altered and cause white casts and flashbacks.

Have you tried the RCMA No Color Powder? What are your thoughts on it? What are your go-to setting powder(s)?



The RCMA No Color Powder is available on Blushboss. Next-day delivery option is available for Singaporean customers. Free tracked shipping to Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei on orders 100 SGD and up.





- Denise

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