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Glossier - The Noise Behind the Brand

Posted on 09 October 2018

Emily Weiss - Blushboss

[image credit: vogue]

To top that all up, Glossier finds success in their Instagram Marketing by being the beauty brand that wants to be friends with you. They’re a real brand, run by real people, rethinking the beauty industry and having a great time doing it. Glossier is able to connect with women and young girls on a level no other beauty company does, by simply being a friendly figure. Glossier’s signature washed-out pink theme that has become so iconic that fans use the hashtag “#glossierpink” when they see the colour in any setting, or at any time. They’ve also used a popular figure to their advantage, Victoria Secret's very own - Karlie Kloss. Kloss has sported various photos with Glossier products, as well as a Glossier sweatshirt selfie, gaining more than 27,000 likes for the brand. If it’s social proof that gets you the reassurance before getting on the bandwagon, then they’ve definitely added their credence on that.

Well, the press has their way of showcasing their flare but the crowds and ladies around the world had their take too - yup, lot’s of star-studded reviews they’ve got going on.

Check out the video below to see what’re their thoughts on Glossier.

Blushboss Reviews Image - Glossier

Tina Yong’s thoughts:


Glossier products she tried on:

  • Perfecting Skin Tint
  • Stretch Concealer
  • Wowder Powder Light
  • Boy Brow mascara
  • Cloud Paint
  • Generation G Matte Lipsticks
  • Haloscope Dew Effect Highlighter.

Samantha Ravndahl’s review and thoughts on Glossier;

Yup, she even did a review on the body wash.


  • Body Hero Oil Body Cleanser:
  • Milky Jelly Cleanser
  • Super Bounce
  • Super Glow
  • Coconut Balm
  • Moisturizing Primer
  • Skin Tint
  • Stretch Concealer
  • Boy Brow in Brown
  • Lipstick in Leo + Like
  • Lipgloss
  • Haloscope in Quartz
  • Lidstar in Fawn
  • Cloud Paint in Dusk

Zoella had her fun here with full makeup using only Glossier products:


Glossier products she tried on:

  • Priming Moisturiser
  • Stretch Concealer
  • Skin Tint
  • Wowder
  • Cloud Paint in Puff and Beam
  • Haloscope
  • Boy Brow
  • Lid Star in Moon, Slip, Cub and Fawn
  • Lash Slick Mascara
  • Generation G in Cake & Like

According to her, it’s definitely a must-have for Summer vibes and lucky for you if you’re in Singapore then this is something you’d need to add to your makeup kit.

Glossier Products Singapore - Blushboss

  So if you’re still lost in your purchase process - maybe you could take a look at what Blushboss has to offer in our collection of Glossier’s goods in-house.

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