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Posted on 17 February 2017


Remember when Kylie first launched her makeup line? Sales hit the roof! You literally couldn't successfully check out because every single product was always sold out. Everyone wanted to know what Kylie's liquid lipsticks would be like, especially after the commotion over her lip injections (pretty sure she started the trend) and her reveal of the product which left everyone gasping because the packaging was just so cool, so Kylie. Think Instagram baddie, think Kylie Cosmetics...


The thing with well-known brands launching makeup products for the first time is that the hype can sometimes be because of the brand rather than the product - I'm sure you know public figures who have collaborated with makeup brands or high-end fashion brands that later launch their own makeup line and sometimes the product can be disappointing. Kylie's eyeshadow formulas, however, definitely lived up to the hype. It is everything you can want in an eyeshadow - swatches that look true to the colour on the pan and creaminess that blends easily.


The Burgundy Palette eyeshadow swatches on hand



Whether you love Kylie Jenner or hate her, if you're a real makeup junkie, there is no way you'd be disappointed with this product. The pigment does not disappoint. When I picked up PENNY with my blending brush, I dabbed the brush twice on the pan (as I'd normally do) and then applied it to my crease. The colour payout shocked me - I'd definitely picked up way too much product with just two dabs! A little of this product definitely goes a long way because each colour is intense, and rich. Even the shimmery colours like LA, DUBAI and NEW YORK packed on intense pigment and blended like a dream. The same goes for NAKED and BEACH, the two lighter shimmery colours from the palette. Consistency, check!



The colours in The Burgundy Palette are divine. It consists of mainly bronzey gold and mauvey brown tones. And boy oh boy, those two colours definitely go perfectly together to produce the most gorgeous and beautiful warm, fall makeup look with dashes of golden glitter which brings out any eye colour. It is a unique eyeshadow palette that isn't really natural glam nor is it dark, smokey-eye glam. It probably is somewhere in the middle. "Gorgeous" and "luxurious" would be the names to describe the shades on this palette. 


Burgundy eye makeup
Kylie Jenner natural daytime eye makeup look



Go for it! Whether you're all about that natural or that all-out glam, you'll love this palette for its gorgeous colours. NAKED, BEACH and PENNY will create the most sunkissed, light and glowy eye makeup look and the darker colours will produce the a sexy, smouldering fall eye makeup look.


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