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Coconut Oil for Beauty Uses

Posted on 26 September 2014

When you're walking along the aisles of your local supermarket and you see a jar (or jars) of coconut oil, do you grab one (or a few) and put it into your basket? Or, do you just continue walking on? 
If it has always been the latter, then you probably don't know the amazing benefits that ingesting and/or applying coconut oil do for you. Oh, and we're talking about unrefined, 100% organic coconut oil here. Besides ingesting it for health reasons, it has been increasingly popular to use coconut for beauty reasons. So, why coconut oil for beauty uses? 




This is an image showing the word "hair" to show what coconut oil does for the air.


Leave-in hair conditioners, serums and oils are so important for
giving damaged or frizzy hair some shine. But those things
finish so fast! Even more so if you have really frizzy and damaged
locks; one pump is never enough to tame those ends. So if you
share the same woes, you might want to try switching to organic
coconut oil as a weekly hair treatment and a leave-in conditioner
for after you wash your hair. Even if  you don't, try it! Coconut oil is
so good for hair damage and hair growth. You'd be surprised
at how something found in your regular supermarket can do so
much for your hair. Plus, a little goes a looooong way when it
comes to applying coconut oil on your hair. Put too much and 
you'll look like a greasy mess. So, go easy on them.



This is an image showing the word "face" to show what coconut oil does for the face.
This is an image showing the word "body" to show what coconut oil does for the body.


Effectively remove all your makeup with coconut oil -- without the harsh
chemicals. This is even better for all you ladies with sensitive skin. Coconut
oil is loaded with antioxidants and is great for helping with any fine lines and
wrinkles. They also act as a great moisturiser for your face and body. They 
great for chapped lips, cracked heels and any other dry spots on your body.
Apply this on any dry areas on your body, leave it overnight and wake up to
smoother and softer skin the next morning. 



This is an image showing the words "cooking and daily diet" to show what coconut oil does for the health.


Coconut oil has a high smoke point, so it is very good for cooking. Other oils break down into harmful
compounds once they have reached their smoke-point. Coconut oil, however, has a higher
smoking-point than most oils, so they are really great for stir-frying. Coconut oil is also one of the 
healthiest oils you can use to cook with. It increases your metabolism and has more fat-burning
potential than other oils. To make use of coconut oil and it's health benefits, instil coconut oil into
your diet by adding one tablespoon of coconut oil into your hot tea or coffee daily.




Hey, they're not only great for you, coconut oil is great for your dogs, too! Because of
the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of lauric acid, it can help with any doggy odour.
It will also improve their skin condition, give them a shiny coat and also help with digestion,
immune system and their overall health. What's even better is that your dogs will most probably love
the taste of coconut oil, so you won't have to worry about having to force them to eat them.
Coconut oil also acts as a natural remedy for fleas and ticks because it suffocates them.


Go on, buy a jar today, see if you like it and share this article with people you love. ;)


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