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The Perfect Eyebrow Kit

Posted on 08 August 2014

This is a picture cover for a blog post to show five essentials to add in the perfect eyebrow kit.
Ever wondered how to get the perfect eyebrow kit? Throughout the years, we’ve heard a lot of eyebrow stories. Most have beautiful endings while others, not so much. We pluck, shave, wax, and thread our way through, in order to achieve the perfect look. Why? Because brows are the most prominent feature on the face. And who doesn't want it to look perfect?


Through thick and thin, sparse or bushy, majorly high arcs or simply…bald, we have all been there. With the likes of A-list stars such as Lily Collins, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevinge flaunting their impeccable brows, it can get a tad bit depressing for us gals. But fear not, for those who are not blessed with thick brows, or simply want to get the runway-worthy look, we’ve got you covered. 
This is an image showing the first step of what people should do when achieving the perfect eyebrow look.
The first item to posses in your brow kit is a Spoolie. It is an essential. It is a must. How are you suppose to draw your brows if you don't know how it looks like in the first place? With your spoolie, brush your brows in order to shape it later. This way, you will have a clearer view of how your brows are framing your face and how you would like it to look like. 
This is an image showing the second step of what people should do when achieving the perfect eyebrow look.
Ahh....yes. If you're rocking the unibrow, Tweezers are your best friend. I know that we say bushy brows are in, but that does not you give the permission to flaunt your unibrow! We cannot stress how important it is to pluck unwanted hairs. One of the common areas is on the brow bone area. With your brows being combed through, you can see the unwanted hairs clearly and that serves as a guide to tweeze the excess hair. But remember, don't overdo it or you may end up like Chucky's bride's eyebrows, yikes!
This is an image showing the third step of what people should do when achieving the perfect eyebrow look.
Ditch the pencil and powder, opt for the pomade! Take an angled brush and dip it into the product. After which, you slowly start to draw small little strokes so that it will look like natural hairs. You want it to look perfect but also, natural at the same time. We wouldn't want stencilled eyebrows, do we? Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for their awesome eyebrow products in the beauty market. Waterproof, smudge-proof, tons of colours to choose from, and will last throughout the day without needing touch-ups, pomade is a staple in your brow kit. 
This is an image showing the fourth step of what people should do when achieving the perfect eyebrow look.
Have you been wondering how to achieve sculpted looking brows? Look no further, turn to the trusty concealer! This is a make it or break it step. In order to succeed a sculpted look, concealer is important. With a flat tapered brush, dip it with concealer and carve out your desired shape. Remember, don't use a shade that is 2 or 3 shades lighter then your skin tone, you want it to look organically sculpted, not smacked on with some sticker eyebrow!
This is an image showing the fifth step of what people should do when achieving the perfect eyebrow look.
Last but not least, a brow gel. If your hair is lighter then your brows, we suggest using a tinted formula, which is one shade darker. But if your hair is already dark, we suggest using a clear brow gel, so that it doesn't empower the whole look. This will serve as a ‘hairspray’ to keep the shape locked in all day, and keep unruly hairs in place.
This is an image showing a celebrity the outcome of how eyebrows can look like by using the perfect eyebrow kit.


Better? Good. Let's recap the points - 1) Spoolie to comb through the brows, 2) Tweezers to pluck unwanted hairs, 3) Pomade to fill in your brows naturally(remember, small feathery strokes!), 4) Concealer to carve out desired shape, 5) And lastly, brow gel to set all the handwork in place. There you go, 5 easy steps to help you step up your brow game. Don't be disheartened if it doesnt turn out the way you want it to be. Remember, practice makes perfect. So here's to perfect, better brows!

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