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Best Nude Lipstick Color

Posted on 06 July 2014

Which is the best nude lipstick color for you? It is so easy to go wrong when it comes to nude lips. Pick a shade too light and you may risk looking sickly, pale and washed-out. Pick a shade too dark and it may make you look dull. Also, having your lips look like you've applied concealer on them or having them camouflage with your skin is a big no-no. Sure, it looks good on high-end fashion magazines, but not so much in real life!


The first thing to know is that when it comes to nude lipsticks, it does not mean beige tones only. When you think of the word 'nude', think of flesh-tone colours; and as there are many different skin tone colours, there are also many different tones of nude, like beige-nude, pinkish-nude, brown-nude and caramel-nude, just to name a few.
It may be called a 'nude lip', but people should still be able to tell your lip apart from your skin. Instead of making you look older or worn-out, it should brighten your face and give you a nice and natural glow. So, here are some tips for picking out your perfect shade of nude next time.
This is an image showing what fair-skinned people should look for when finding a nude lipstick to suit their skin tone.
This is an image showing fair-skinned celebrities as an example.


Fair-skinned ladies with pink undertones should opt for a light, pinkish-nude shade. Warm, caramel shades are typically a big no-no for you. Imagine Christina Hendricks with a dark, nude colour - it would look too intense on her. Because you are fair, you are able to get away with very pure nude shades and not seem like you used your concealer as your lipstick.
What about fair-skinned ladies with slight olive undertones, like Maggie Q? Lucky you, for you're able to to rock both warm nudes and light nudes. A shade of nude with a hint of pink or rose would look good on you. 
TIP: Finish off with a gloss. Lighter nude shades usually look better with a glossy sheen.
This is an image that reads "medium-skinned" for medium-skinned women.
This is an image showing celebrities with medium skin tone as an example.


Ladies with a tan - try a shade of nude that is just slightly lighter than your skin, you will find that it complements your complexion well. However, olive skinned ladies can rock both a slightly lighter or tanner nude.  A tan shade of nude usually has orange or brown hints to it.


If you are wearing a nude lipstick that looks similar to your skin colour, like Jessica Alba, we recommend applying a layer of clear or nude gloss on top to make your lips stand out. If a pinkish-nude is what you are looking for, give one that has rose undertones a go, like Jamie Chung, who wears a tan shade of nude with rose undertones. 


This is an picture showing the fonts for dark-skinned.
This is a picture showing celebrities with dark skin tone as examples.



If you are a woman of colour, try chocolate, mauve and bronze shades of nude.  However, a shade of nude lighter than your skin tone, like on Tika Sumpter, can also look good and brighten up your face as well.  Halle Berry rocks a mauve-y nude lipstick and Kelly Rowland and Lupita Nyong'o rock a glossy, chocolate nude. 



Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria



As always, this is just a guide to finding a shade of nude that would complement your skin tone. Our advice is, experiment, experiment, experiment! Try on different shades and pick one (or a few) that you think looks the best on you. There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to makeup, that is what makes it more fun! Don't expect to find the perfect nude shade for your skin tone overnight (even though that can happen!), but we hope that with this guide, you'll pick The One (or Ones) much faster and with much less hassle. 
Good luck! xx



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